We provide a full range of protective security services including convoy escorts, personal security details, training, mobile and static guards and ancillary operations in high-risk areas such as Iraq.

Operating in high, medium, and low risk environments, CPS provides clients with static and mobile protection of personnel, resources, materials and infrastructure.

Personal Security Detail (PSD)

At CPS we provide due diligence services, armed movement, and personal security details for government and corporate VIPs in Iraq.

Convoy Escort Team (CET)

For companies that have standing contracts that require armed security teams for there employees, convoys or static sites, CPS can provide the personnel you need. We have trained specialist that can assure the safety of your people and equipment. We can provide uniformed guards for your site security; to discreet armed convoy escort teams for your valuable cargo and personnel. Our team in Iraq can be anywhere at anytime.

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